Just What We Needed Dept: Birdwatchcam Takes Pictures For Birdwatchers Short On Time

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Touted as a device for avid birdwatchers who don't have time to get out in the field, the Birdwatchercam can be mounted to a tree to track your feathered friends. But, if you're an avid birdwatcher, wouldn't you rather see the birds? Well, if you lack the time, here's a gadget you might be interested in. The Birdwatchcam is a small and inexpensive camera that uses a motion-activated sensor to take photos of birds, storing them on a 2GB memory card. It can snap about 15 photos every 20 seconds when it detects birds. It can be mounted to a tree or a window a fair distance away from sites like birdfeeders.

The device is listed at Brinno, which states, "Millions of people love taking pictures. Millions of people love watching birds. Many millions of people love taking pictures of the birds they watch. The dilemma for most people is that there is never enough time to do either, let alone both! Now there is an EASY and fun way to do both even if you don't have as much time as you would like."

bird spy cam image

I guess if you really have to know what's going on at your bird feeder when you aren't there, then this could be a handy device. But there's a big problem. It uses 4 AA batteries, which are very likely to run out fast if birds keep it going for hours on end - and they're likely to do just that if this is aimed at a bird feeder. The site states the batteries will last 6 months, but that's a highly suspect estimate if you've got a lot of birds around. We've seen some solar powered bird gear before and this might have been a good candidate for that category.

Also, the makers say their users have captured other interesting images - "We thought it was just for birds but our users now capture deer, coyotes, bears and even pesky neighborhood kids with The Brinno BirdWatchCam."

So in other words, it's a $175 spy-cam.

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