Just Science iPhone App Simplifies Climate Change Information

If you have an interest in climate change data, you're going to want to download the free app, Just Science. This app makes it easy to understand what is going on with shifts on our planet and lets you draw your own conclusions. All you get is straight science inside interesting visuals.

Just Science uses the video map of climate change released by the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study. Recorded changes in Earth's land temperature between 1800 and 2009 are displayed on a color-coded map, and you can see how today's monthly temperatures deviate from historical averages. Basically, you can watch the information play out in front of you and decide for yourself if you think the planet's climate patterns are changing. (Spoiler Alert: they are.)

From the Just Science description on iTunes:
The BEST study temperature data comes from 39,000 unique stations located around the world – more than five times the number of stations found in previous studies. Sources range from handwritten British logbooks originating from 19th century naval explorations to modern continuously monitoring digital stations, and the math is calibrated to know the difference.

Fueled by an aim to resolve widespread public and scientific criticisms of incumbent studies on the global surface temperature record (the key indicator of climate change), the Novim Group (www.novim.org) initiated and sponsored the BEST study (www.berkeleyearth.org) to conduct a new scientific analysis of global climate change.

Here's a promo video that gives you a look at the features of the app, including exploring the information displayed on the maps:

As Nick Orenstein, developer of Just Science notes on Skeptical Science, "We find ourselves at a time where advances in scientific discovery and information gathering have accelerated faster than the general public’s understanding of issues equally vital to everyone on Earth. As a result, many non-scientists among us are: confused by too much math, politically biased by convenient half-truths, or somehow religiously opposed to the consequences of the scientific data."

He goes on to say that clearing up this confusion can be done easily on a devices that most people carry around and check on a daily, even hourly basis. "Educational mobile applications are the shiny new tool to enable discovery by the masses. When a user curls up with his iPad on the couch or pulls out her iPhone at a coffee shop, their attention is focused and their mind is open for information input. Do it right, and the result is a “eureka” moment of lasting understanding that no politician, pundit, or preacher could refute."

Apps are popular, there's no two ways about that. It's great to see that alongside time-sucking games like Cut The Rope, we can have some really valuable learning apps like Just Science.

Just Science iPhone App Simplifies Climate Change Information
This handy app helps anyone take a look at climate change data and make sense of it. These are pictures you can't deny.

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