Jump Rope With Flash Light in Handle Harvests Energy While You Skip

light jump rope image

Images via Yanko Design

Ahhh...another kinetic energy concept design. This time, designers Hyun Joo Lee & Eu Tteum Lee have put a flash light in the handle of a jump rope so you can skip your way to a brighter life. Handy new gadget, or more electronic junk?If you need a flashlight, you're not going to jump for it. If you're using a jump rope, you're probably not in need of a flashlight. Which makes this essentially a kids toy with an extra feature that only adds to the (likely toxic) materials going into a product that will be put in the toy chest or worse, left outside in the weather so that it breaks and gets (most likely) tossed into the trash rather than e-cycled.

light jump rope image

Sure, it might work to harvest kinetic energy with a jump rope so that we can power a flash light, but it doesn't mean the actual product does us any good.

Seems like this would be a waste of materials should it ever come to market.

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