Jordan, Royal Dutch Shell Investigate Tapping Environmentally Destructive Oil Shale

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We've written a number of times on the environmental disaster that is oil shale and tar sands. These so-called "unconventional" fuels are so energy intensive to produce that they can be up to eight times as dirty as normal petroleum. And that doesn't even consider the amount of water that is used in the process and which remains toxic afterwards.

Jordan to Exploit Oil Shale Reserves
Well, it appears that Jordan never got the WWF-UK report which called the environmental and economic consequences of exploiting these plentiful but supremely polluting natural resources "unthinkable" as Yahoo News is reporting that Jordan is in talks with Royal Dutch Shell to tap into the kingdom's 40-billion tonne oil shale reserves.Currently Jordan, though in the same geopolitical neighborhood as several oil-rich nations, imports 95% of its energy needs and is looking to exploit some of it's own land to decrease that foreign dependency. Sound familiar?

Apparently Jordan's Never Heard of Global Warming
Unfortunately, based on statements in the original article that it wasn't just the WWF report that Jordan hasn't read, but they don't seem to have gotten the memo on a little environmental problem we're trying to head off: Global Warming.

According to Maher Hjazin head of Jordan's Natural Resources Authority, "If our plans succeed, it would be one of the country's largest projects to help the Jordan [sic] become energy self-sufficient, with a possibility to export oil the future."

Wael Saqqa, president of the Jordan Engineers Association takes the rhetoric to a new level of environmental ignorance. He said that exploiting these oil shale reserves would "provide the kingdom with oil for the coming 700 years."

700 Years of Oil, We Just Be Around to Use It
Just what the planet needs: 700 years of some of the most polluting, energy intensive, carbon intensive fuels available. I normally wouldn't be so glib, but the Kingdom of Jordan and Royal Dutch Shell should really pull their heads out of the sand on this one.

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