Job Hunting the Green Way - Nix the Paper and Beam Your Info

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Online social networking is changing the way we do things in our culture. Everything is faster, shorter, electronic. And that means it's also more acceptable to cut out the paper versions of resumes and cover letters. Thanks to the "now" factor that social media has instilled in us, going paperless on the job hunt is pretty easy. And there's a new tool out that lets you ditch even that old fashioned thing called e-mail. beamME CV lets you beam your documents from your iPhone, so when you're networking with potential employers, you're sure they won't miss getting your info.
Because job opportunities can arise anywhere, beamME CV was designed to enable fluid distribution of resumes, cover letters and electronic contact cards. With a few keystrokes, this innovative iPhone app instantly delivers job application data in an easy-to-read format that works on any mobile phone (even non-iPhones) or computer. Hiring managers do not need special software or registration to retrieve the applicant’s package, and beamME CV is free of advertising.

And no "green" app is complete without some plan for planting trees. A tree will be planted in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation for every copy of beamME CV and beamME pro sold.

There's a growing number of cool business networking tools that take paper out of the picture. For instance, TextID is a paperless business card option. CleanTechies helps you online with spiffing up your resume. And of course social networking online at sites like go a long way to getting a new job.

While the carbon footprint comparison between going totally digital with your job hunt versus paper is variable and tough to measure, it's likely that you're going to be using fewer emissions by going paperless where you can.

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