Japan Makes Sustainable Sake Bottles From Squid Skin

squid bottles photo

Image via Core 77

If you can get past the ew factor, these sake bottles and cups are a fascinating - and kind of ancient - way to consume a little rice wine. They're called "Ika Tokkuri" and they're being dredged up from the past as a sustainable way to drink sake. The amazing part: yes, they do add some squid flavor to your sake, and yes, that's actually desirable. And you'll never guess what you do with them when you're done. Stuffing squid skin - or if you want to get specific, cuttlefish skin - with rice or grains then leaving them in the sun to dry is all the manufacturing needed to create these vessels. Considering squid is still plentiful in the oceans, the source for the material is somewhat sustainable as well. Plus, the bottles are recyclable. Or rather...they're edible. According to Inventior Spot, after using the bottle about 5 or 6 times, you can eat them when you've finished your sake!

Core 77 writes, "As for that fishy, squid taste? It's actually desirable among certain sake drinkers, as it makes the taste "smoother and milder," sort of like aging Scotch in a particular type of wood cask; but unlike the casks, the Ika Tokkuri are edible after use, producing a sort of sake-infused squid jerky that should taste familiar to Japanese bar-goers."

squid bottles photo

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