Jane Goodall Endorses Kenmore's New High-Efficiency Appliancess


The curtain has risen over Sear's Kenmore Elite dishwasher with Ultra WashHE technology, the SteamCare Washer and Dryer lines, along with a somewhat incongruous—at first blush, anyway—new alliance with the Jane Goodall Institutes's Roots & Shoots Program. (Members of the youth group will be stationed at various Sears stores, distributing flyers with tips on how to save water and energy at home.)

The Ultra WashHE (from $799), according to the company, uses only 75 watts of energy—the same required to turn on a light bulb. It also uses 34 percent less energy and 41 percent less water than seven- to 10-year old dishwashers. Bonus: Because Ultra WashHE models exceed 2007 Energy Star standards, you qualify for a $60 federal tax credit after purchase in many states. Water-wise, the dishwasher has a special filter that removes soil and food particles throughout the cleaning process, eliminating the need to introduce and heat additional water during the cycle. (The filter only needs to be rinsed occasionally.) Meanwhile, built-in sensors analyze how dirty your dishes are and then employ the minimum amount of water and energy required for getting them squeaky clean.

The new Kenmore Elite steam washer (from $1,399) and steam dryer (from $1,299) are being billed as the "SteamTeam;" the washer is said to exceed 2007 Energy Star standards by 50 percent, using about 73 percent less water and 77 percent less energy than its conventional pre-2004 counterparts. You also get a Save Energy Plus option that conserves up to 26 percent more energy, without, apparently, hindering performance—which does make us wonder why it simply isn't the default mode, then.

Famed anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall was at the launch of the new Sears Kenmore range, stressing the importance of the role young people played in creating a sustainable future. Cautioning against jadedness, she said that "hopelessness leads to inaction; hopelessness leads to apathy," but that together—and it was going to take all of us—we could enact positive change. "Many of the problems I see happening in the developing world can be directly linked to our unsustainable lives in the developed world," she said.

Championing the power of the individual, Goodall said that consumer purchasing power is the last driving force to push the remaining, stubborn corporations to become more environmentally and socially responsible. Without customers to buy their products, she added, these companies will either have to shape up or they will "become defunct like so many of the animals I love." ::Kenmore

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