iYo Yo-Yo Charger for Power Without Solar and Wind

Yo-yo charger for iPhone or iPod photo

Image source: core77 and Peter Thuvander
More fun than the sun!

That is how Swedish designer Peter Thuvander is describing the yo-yo induction charger that he has dubbed the iYo. Even if Apple does come out with the patent-pending Solar iPhone, it won't do a lot of good during the long, dark Swedish winter. And hand-crank chargers are, well, just no fun. So Peter has come up with a better idea. Video over the fold.

A small Li-ion battery inside the yo-yo would build up a charge during play, so electrical gadgets could be plugged and charged afterwards. The iYo yo-yo phone charger targets iPhone and iPod -- unfortunately succumbing to one of the ungreen aspects of gadgets: every gadget has its own charger proliferating electrical and electronic waste (WEEE).

Kudos for thinking outside the box though. One more idea on the path to an alternate future.

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