It's a Wrap: Edible Thin Packaging Coming Soon


William Vanderson, Getty Images

The idea of edible packaging has been around for a while; TreeHugger has shown a few starch-based ideas. However, most break down in the presence of water so they have to be made fairly thick. At the University of Manitoba, scientists have mixed pea starch with beeswax to make a thin film edible packaging that is water resistant, so instead of throwing out the wrapper 'round your Big Mac, you can just cut it up and add some salad dressing. No word from inventor Jung Han about how it tastes.

Fast food litter is a huge problem; it really would be wonderful if it was biodegradable ::Patent application here; via ::New Scientist See TreeHugger: BioBac: Biodegradable Textile Coating and "Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Co-op Corn Starch Bags

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