It's Official: Human Activity is Warming Both the Arctic and Antarctic

antarctica ice photo

Antarctica photo: Mike Martoccia

A quick one here: In case you had any doubts about that human activities are responsible for the rise in temperatures at both of the Earth’s poles, new work published in the journal Nature Geoscience (and reported on by the BBC) confirms that we are to blame for polar global warming:Observed Data Compared to Climate Models
By comparing two sets of climate models—one of which assumed human climatic influence and the other which assumed no influence—to recorded data on temperature changes in both the Arctic and Antarctica, at international team of scientists found that the observed data most closely fit with the model assuming human activities as influencing climate change.

We Can No Longer Claim That Natural Variations Are Cause of Temperature Rises
One of the scientists involved in the study, Peter Stott, had this to say on the research:

In the recent IPCC wasn’t possible to make a statement about the Antarctic because such a study had not been done at that point. But nevertheless when you do that you see a clear human fingerprint in the observed data. We really can’t claim anymore that it’s natural variations that are driving these very large changes that we are seeing in the climate system.

Here's the original Nature Geoscience article: Attribution of polar warming to human influence.

via: BBC News
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