Italian Scuba Divers Shack up Underwater


Global warming aside—one of science’s age-old questions is: Can humans live underwater? In Italy, six Italian scuba divers recently broke the record for human underwater living in an experiment inspired by the Jules Verne classic "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." For 14 days, Stefania Mensa, 31, Debora Vissani, 26, Isabella Moreschi, 33, Claudio Croce, 34, Luca Giordani, 28, and Alessandro Brandetti, 40, lived on a wall-less platform—called ‘the apartment’--anchored to the seabed off the Italian island of Ponza at a depth of about 15 metres (49 ft.). The goal: Determine the medical effects of living underwater for prolonged periods. A team of twenty doctors gathered scientific data, and monitored the divers 24 hours a day. The new fronteer? ::via Yahoo News and ::CBS Evening News Also see ::Man to Live Underwater for 2 Weeks ::What Will San Francisco Look Like Underwater?

Images courtesy of REUTERS/Progetto Abissi/Handout (Italy).

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