Isaac Asimov Explained Climate Change in 1977 (Video)

Isaac Asimov is one of the greatest science fiction writers in history -- his Foundation novels and Robot universe (which recently inspired the I, Robot Will Smith film) continue to inform popular culture to this day. Asimov was also a professor of biochemistry at Boston University and a prolific author of successful pop science books as well. In other words, the man was no slouch. No surprise then, that he speaks more eloquently about climate change in 1977 than most folks do today.The clip is taken from a presentation Asimov made at the Humanist Institute in 1989. And if you want to check up on Asimov's claim that he'd been talking about the greenhouse effect for years, here's a radio interview he did over a decade before the video clip above:

Yup, Asimov does a credible job of discussing the cause of and threats posed by climate change -- way back in 1977. If only he did as good a job convincing us to care about climate change as he did getting us to imagine a world with talking robots, we might be in better shape today ...

Both videos were dug up and curated by climate de-crocker Peter Sinclair.

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