Ireland Trying Out Water Powered Streetlights

ha'penny bridge in Ireland photo

Ha'penny Bridge in Ireland via sarahpetherbridge

And we thought solar powered street lights were all the rage. Water is getting some attention in Ireland, with Donegal County testing out "hydro lights."The lights will be installed on a bridge in Ballybofey, and will be powered by the moving water of the River Finn below. After the winter water levels drop, a micro hydro-turbine will be installed under the bridge. As water rushes through the 110 watt turbine, energy generated will charge up batteries, which will then power a 30 watt LED mounted above the bridge.

"It can produce enough energy to power up to three lights. However, we will just use one light at first," [energy development officer Toni] Needham said.

The hydro unit cost €3,000. The council provided €50,000 in 2008 to pilot alternative energy lighting. LH Ecotech Ltd in Co Laois has been contracted by the council to supply and install hydro and solar power lights on the Ballybofey bridge.

The light will be a neighbor to two solar-powered lights already installed on the bridge, and will have its own solar panel for when water levels drop too low. This hydro-powered light is one of several technologies being explored by the county council for renewable energy-powered lighting.

Wonder if they'll hand out water-powered clocks as a souvenir at the light's launch.

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