iPhone Skin is Really a Wind-Powered Charger

wind-powered iphone charger image

Image credit Tjeerd Veenhoven, via Gizmag

One of the few complaints about the iPhone is the short battery life. Most people need to charge their phones on a nearly daily basis. The possibility for a low battery while away from a power outlet is pretty good, so off-grid charger concepts have come up often over the last few years. Most revolve around solar power, but the new iFan concept from Tjeerd Veenhoven utilizes the power of a good strong breeze. However, is it at all possible a wind-powered charger could work for an iPhone?By using a modified computer fan, the designer was able to charge his phone in 6 hours. It's rather a lot of breeze to have to capture before reaching a full charge, but the total time sounds about right considering the charge time of wind-powered chargers already on the market like the HyMini and the Kinesis.

wind-powered iphone charger image

Image credit Tjeerd Veenhoven

The iFan concept is a rubber skin you place around your iPhone, complete with a fan at the top to catch the wind. The designer is modifying it so that it can be attached to a bicycle handle to capture the breeze while you ride. He is also working to make the fan blades even more efficient, and changes that would allow a person to wear it while they walk or attach it to a car while driving.

Again, 6 hours is a lot of time spent in the wind, especially while having your iPhone hanging off your bike handle or, gulp, out your car window. We aren't sure that having it be a skin for the phone is such a great idea. But we do love the idea of getting an extra charge for your cell phone just by sticking a fan out on your window sill for most of the day.

It needs a little work, but it's a very smart start of an idea for a product in what is to be a multi-billion dollar market.

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