iPhone App Plants Real Trees

a real tree map and screenshot image

Images via A Real Tree

A cool iPhone app called A Real Tree does something very practical for the earth entirely apart from your iPhone. When you purchase the app, you’re actually supporting the reforestation of countries around the globe. The app itself is really boring – pretty, but boring. It’s a virtual tree that you can affect, a little, by making the wind blow to spread its blossoms or get the birds to fly out from its branches. But what the app really does is pretty darn cool.

For just 99 cents, A Real Tree contributes to the education of communities on reforestation. Already in 12 countries, the organization is working to repair tropical areas without the use of toxic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, and gets local communities educated and involved in rehabilitating their forests.

A Real Tree work with Sustainable Harvest International and Trees for the Future.

While the app might seem a little dull at first, it’s worth hanging on to as A Real Tree promises future surprises for what you’ll be able to do with your virtual tree.

Via Good Clean Tech
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