iPad Sleeve Made from Recycled Movie Banners

ipad sleeve image

Image via Aire

Since the moment the iPad came out, accessories have flooded the marketplace, but finally here is one we really love. Created by Aire, a team of designers who make the health of the planet a priority in their creations, have come up with an iPad sleeve made of recycled movie theater banners. They state, "It's a revolutionary concept that combines the hype of a new movie premier with the green fashion movement." Maybe so, but either way, it's a great idea for repurposing materials to reduce waste. Aire's iPad sleeves are available on Etsy, priced at $50. While a little pricey for a laptop sleeve, remember that they're 100% unique and more environmentally friendly than most other options out there. And Aire points out that the iPad sleeves are already built to be flexible, durable, light and water resistant, since that's exactly how billboards are constructed to be.

I'm loving this one from the Terminator:

terminator ipad sleeve image

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