Inventor builds Wave Generator at Home

Inventor Christopher (he keeps his last name secret and fudges his patent numbers) has built a working wave generator, right down to the bicycle wheel flywheel and home-made generator. He says "There is unlimited ocean energy to be captured and it’s happening all over the world right now. It will fix a lot of global problems. Burning and refining fossil fuel is polluting the air we breathe the water we drink and the fish we eat, not to mention the oil spills that devastate our coastlines. Nuclear energy is a quick fix that could ruin the earth for future generations.Burning down the Amazon to plant other plants we can burn [ethanol and bio diesel] kind of defeats the purpose of trying to reduce CO2 because the Amazon is what will turn the CO2 back into Oxygen. The waves in the ocean can't be used up. We humans can save our planet if we can CHANGE THE WAY WE THINK !" ::Swellfuel via ::Make

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