Interactive Carbon Impact Explorer Lets You See Your Carbon Offsets At Work

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BeGreen launched a cool application that lets you get interactive with your carbon offsets. You can visually track the projects you support with your carbon offset purchases. It's the first online way to connect your carbon offset purchases with the projects they support.

Using the Google Earth platform, the first-of-its-kind tool incorporates CO2 emissions data from Purdue University's Vulcan Project, a three-year effort to map all of the U.S. carbon dioxide emissions that result from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, gasoline and jet fuel.

While the Vulcan Project brings the functionality of viewing problem areas across the country, the Carbon Impact Explorer expands on this by mapping Green Mountain Energy supported renewable energy and other projects that represent carbon reduction efforts, such as solar energy facilities, wind farms and reforestation projects.

So, using a Google Earth widget, you can check out problem areas of carbon emissions, like footprints made by air travel, industrial factories, or residential spaces. You can learn statistics about the problem areas, and then search through the cool projects helping create solutions, like wind farms, landfills using methane capture, or reforestation projects. You can learn exactly how much of an offset these projects are creating, and you can help support them right from the widget when you click on the "Take Action Now" button.

If you ever wanted to really see what your offset purchases are doing, you finally can!

The Carbon Impact Explorer is available through BeGreen’s website. You just need to have Google Earth installed.

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