Inspired by Leeches, "Outlet Regulator" Ejects Plug From Wall When Device Is Charged

outlet regulator concept image

Photo via Conor Klein

Talk about a cool idea! One designer has come up with an outlet concept intended to minimize wasteful energy consumption by chargers. When the device is finished charging, the Outlet Regulator spits out the plug, physically disconnecting the cord from the wall. And most interesting of all, the design was inspired by leeches.

Outlet Regulator Video from conor klein on Vimeo.

Creator Conor Klein states, "this power-saving device, inspired by the behaviour of a leech, physically disconnects consumer electronics from the outlet. once full of blood, a leech will simply fall of its host to digest. this product mimics the leeches inelegant yet efficient solution for over-consumption. it is hard to tell when electronics are or are not taking energy and many never stop taking energy if they are plugged in (e.g. cellphone chargers). this product solves that problem by using a timer circuit and electromechanics to eject its plug which disconnects your device from the wall outlet. once the plug falls out, all energy consumption stops and only resumes once the plug is inserted again."

While not exactly all that green - it is, after all, a whole clunky piece of plastics and electronics that will cut only the tiniest fraction of energy consumption out of your life - we do love the thinking behind it. There are better solutions already on the market, such as smart power strips, but...who doesn't love an outlet that spits out plugs? Neat idea!

Via Crunchgear
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