InferKnow's Green Web Surfing Add-On

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If you're a FireFox user and want to know you're doing a little good by surfing webpages, you might want to check out the InferKnow add-on. When you surf with this extension, you're helping to fight global warming. Read on for how it works. InferKnow has created "Green" - a FireFox add-on that uses some of the revenue from the ads you normally see on web pages on eco-friendly projects like alternative energy and reforestation.

Not only are you doing something green, but InferKnow says that it can even offset your computer use:

After extensive testing we have found that for each hour you browse the web, Green offsets 150%-400% of your computer's carbon footprint, depending on what kind of computer you have.

That's a pretty broad statement, and one to take with a grain of salt. Yet, if you can help to offset carbon at least a little just by surfing as usual, it might be worth looking into and installing.

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