Indian State of Maharashtra to Begin Addressing E-Waste Problem

india e-waste photo

photo: Greenpeace India

TreeHugger has written about the growing problem of e-waste a number of times—most of the time in the context of shipping e-waste from the developed world to places with less stringent laws about how it's disposed of.

Here's a new twist on the issue: India has a growing problem with domestic e-waste and only two cities, Delhi and Bangalore, have effective e-waste management systems (Cleantech). But new regulations are being drawn up in Maharashtra to deal with the problem: 25,000 Tons Per Year in Mumbai
As Mumbai and Pune are the state's worst offenders, and there's only one facility in Mumbai to process e-waste much of it simply ends up in landfills. This amounts to some 25,350 tons per year in Mumbai and about 5,500 tons in Pune.

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board's rules will address the "collection, dismantling, physical segregation and recovery process for e-waste".

via: Cleantech
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