Incredible OLED Lighting Installations by Philips Shows Off First "Functional Lighting"

OLED technology has taken center stage at Philips as the future of lighting our indoor space. For the first time, Philips has created an OLED panel that is bright enough for functional lighting, and the company has unveiled its new chandeliers at the Light + Building 2012 fair.

According to OLED Info, "This is the first OLED to hit the "functional lighting" barrier as Philips calls it with its high brightness - 115 lm." But there is a catch -- the same catch that is holding OLED lighting technology back to being used only in small displays for hand-held devices and little more. "The major problem with the GL350 is that it's not efficient: 16.7 lm/W, which means it's not really suitable for general lighting, is it?"

Still, the company is showing off the potential, at least for beautiful designs, until the technology advances enough to make this suitable for the average home.

Additionally, "The luminance is 4,000 cd/m2, the color teperature is 3,250K and the CRI is over 90. The panel's lifetime is 10,000h (L50). Philips will start sampling soon and will offer it in sets of three panels."

It's no surprise that OLED technology is attractive to designers for unusual and intriguing lighting concepts. However, it will be some time before the technology is both as cost and energy efficient as LED lights.

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