In Their Own Words: Alliance for Climate Education

As awareness about climate change grows, educational resources are popping up around the country. The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) calls Oakland, CA, home and they are doing a great job educating high school students about climate change from a scientific perspective. I asked Alisha, one of ACE's ace educators, about their mission and some criticism they've received.Below are some notable quotes from Alisha on ACE.

Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is a national nonprofit that delivers age-appropriate, engaging presentations about climate science to high school students. Our presentations include ideas for starting projects in their schools and communities to curb the acceleration of climate change.

Unfortunately, recent articles about ACE have misreported many of our central tenets. The science behind climate change drives our work:

• Data used in our presentations is based on reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a collection of more than 1,000 of the world's top climate scientists from over 132 countries.
• In 2007, the IPCC concluded it is "very likely...with greater than 90 percent certainty" that human-produced greenhouse gas emissions are causing temperatures to rise and climate to change around the world.
• The IPCC also forecasts serious consequences for parts of our country and the world if we do nothing to stop the acceleration of climate change soon.
• Even the Pentagon and intelligence experts, as recently reported in the New York Times, considers climate change a threat to national security.

We realize some remain skeptical. However, with the conclusions reached by the world's leading scientists about climate change and the probable negative consequences, we believe we must act now.

Climate change is a complex problem that will require multi-faceted solutions. We believe it is essential for our nation's youth to have an opportunity to understand the science behind this critical issue and the possible impacts on their future. Youth are the ones who have the most at stake, the ones who will have to deal with the repercussions.

During our presentations, we encourage students to thoughtfully consider the science behind climate change and continue to learn more. We provide interested students the opportunity to connect with organizations that can help them start projects to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Our presentation connects with students and we've received rave reviews from students, teachers, and administrators alike. Last spring, some students and schools received ACE grants and are now installing water filtration systems, planting school gardens and installing solar panels.

Their stories constantly reaffirm our faith in the future. We are proud of these young people and know that once informed with the science from credible sources, they can help bring about a future safe from the adverse impacts of climate change.

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