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An app from the iTunes store could keep you updated on everything you need to know to eat locally, from which foods are in season in your area to where to find the next farmer's market to how to cook your finds. The $2.99 Locavore app is a great solution for someone who wants to switch to local eating and doesn't want to spend an hour on the computer researching food each time they want to make a meal. It offers government and NGO data for each state, and when you click on a food item, it brings up Wikipedia information and Epicurious recipes.

One feature flaw is pointed out by Lifehacker, and we have to say it is a feature we'd also love to see:

There's one big, Holy Grail-style feature missing from Locavore, and it's the combination of this market-finding tool with the seasonality information--in other words, raspberries may be in season some day soon, but will that market a few blocks over have them? No small task, of course, but a good goal for the future.

Even with out this, the app sure beats printing out a list of in-season foods to cart with you to a farmer's market, spending way too much time online figuring out what to do with the food that is in season, and getting frustrated that you can't keep straight which farmer's market is on which date.

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