In Cooking Pots Today, Car Tanks Tomorrow: Vegetable-Oil Collection Initiated in Turkish Town

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As in other Mediterranean countries, olive oil is a staple ingredient in the Turkish diet. The country is one of the world's top five producers of olives and dishes cooked in olive oil (zeytinyağlı) often have their own section on the menu. So, especially in a popular tourist area with many restaurants, a Turkish town is going to go through a lot of oil--and that in turn can cause a host of problems for local waterways.
Improperly disposed waste oil can block sewer pipes, and, if released into streams or oceans, contaminate exponentially larger amounts of water, hindering its oxygenation.

A new project in Bodrum, on Turkey's South Aegean coast, aims to raise awareness about such dangers and convert waste vegetable oil to fuel. Oil will be collected without charge at various locations in the area and processed at a recycling center. Plans are to expand the project into the whole peninsula. And hopefully avoid tragic accidents like the recent fatal fire that swept through a biodiesel facility in southern Turkey.

Now if only there was a way to reclaim all the oil used to grease up competitors in the traditional sport of oil wrestling. Via: "Bodrum to collect waste oil," Hürriyet Daily News
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