iFixit Tears Apart Apple Tablet

ipad ifixit photo

Images via iFixIt

Ever since seeing iFixIt Global Repair Community at Maker Faire last year, we've been infatuated. The team breaks down the latest electronics so we can get familiar with their insides, gain some familiarity with electronic components, and hopefully build up the confidence required to take a screwdriver to a broken device and fix it ourselves. The latest project is none other than Apple's tablet device. Check out the guts of the iPad's older sibling. iFixIt writes, "Apple definitely snuck away some interesting tidbits inside -- things they didn't want people to know prior to release. Initially we thought the battery was going to be difficult to take out, but boy were we wrong!"

While very few people actually have one of these and won't be using the tutorial to break down their own, it's still a fascinating look inside the device, and more importantly, a great lesson in getting comfortable with and exploring what's in our electronics. The more familiar we are with them, the better care we're able to take of them and the more responsible we'll be when it comes to end of life management.

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