iFixit Shows You How To Tear Gadgets Apart

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Photo via iFixit

We talked about iFixit last week after seeing them at Maker Faire 2009. The organization has a very cool new website they've just launched that lets users show each other how to tear apart stuff and see inside for how gadgets work because, as the Maker motto goes, if you can't open it, it isn't yours.iFixit's Teardown Platform is a way for you to see what's inside your gadgets without you having to take that gadget apart. For instance, you just got a brand new Kindle and you want to get comfortable with what's inside incase you need to do some DIY repair at some point. Well, here you go:

Teardowns come with step-by-step instructions, and the newest part of the website is that there's a platform that allows content to be user generated. So fellow gadget geeks can show each other how to get things taken apart.

It's a pretty great way to get people comfortable with gadget guts, so that DIY repair comes more easily. And DIY repair is a great way for gadget owners to stay green.

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