"If You Can't Fix It, You Don't Own It": iFixit's New Self-Repair Manifesto


Repair is one of the 7 R's we talk about a lot on TreeHugger -- 'cause sure, it's all right to recycle, but it's even more gratifying to repair things yourself. Thankfully, it's gotten easier with global repair community sites like iFixit, a DIY treasure trove of repair guides, forums, parts and more.

iFixit is now "taking the fight against obsolescence to the streets" with their newly-minted Self-Repair Manifesto, which posits staunch declarations like "if you can't fix it, you don't own it". They're looking to have their poster up in every workshop, garage and hackerspace out there -- full graphic and details on how to obtain a free poster after the jump.


It's a rallying call to "take back our right to repair" -- iFixit is looking for people to print and put up the poster, and geotag it for their Flickr pool, in addition to 1,500 free posters being given out.

Inspired? Find out more on iFixit's Manifesto page, plus links to high-resolution files.

Via Laughing Squid
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