IBM Uses Micro-Forecasting for Ultra Efficiency, Thinks Cities Should Do the Same (Video)

ibm weather cooling image

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IBM has kicked off an interesting series of short videos that show how their tactics for creating highly efficient manufacturing facilities can be a model for making cities just as efficient. Check out this video that shows how the company uses micro-forecasting - predicting the weather in one very specific location (specific, as in a six block radius kind of specific) - to cool the equipment at their facility using as little electricity as possible. IBM thinks this very same type of micro-forecasting can be used within cities, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of our metropolises. Plus you get to see them blow something up.

While it might cut down on electricity usage, we're curious about how it increases their water usage with so much pouring out to cool the pipes. Does the reduced electricity usage balance out the water usage?

Weather forecasting isn't always reliable, of course, but IBM has used it as an interesting solution, making accurate enough predictions in super small-scale areas to make their facilities more efficient.

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