IBM Gathering More Utilities for Smart Grid Deployment

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IBM has been very serious about stepping up actions towards a working smart grid, which includes working with utility companies on getting smart grid technology deployed for testing.

They’ve already started working with EDF, a French electric utility, and now they’re gathering speed on this side of the pond, working with American Electric Power and Consumers Energy on deploying advanced metering and smart grid pilots. From Earth2Tech:

For Consumers Energy, which has about 6.5 million customers in Michigan, IBM says it will implement advanced metering technology and a smart grid field pilot network that will start being built in 2009. For AEP, which has 5 million customers across 11 states, IBM will deploy smart grid technology for customer programs in at least three cities, and provide technology, storage devices and energy-efficiency technology.

This is great news and something big to put on the radar for current smart grid projects. Someone has to start trying out this technology and experiment with bugs and fixes so that the systems can be implemented across the globe. Yes, it is expensive, a whole lot of work, and could be a major headache for awhile. But we have to start somewhere.

With IBM doing so much to push forward technology and start simply using it, we have high hopes that utility companies will start plowing forward on their own more quickly.

Via Earth2Tech
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