IBM Building Data Center That Will Use 50% Less Energy

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Photo of Syracuse University by Daquella manera via Flickr CC

IBM and Syracuse University are pairing up to build a new data center that will use 50% less energy than current data centers. At least, that's the goal. Analyzing everything from energy generation techniques to the hardware and software, they hope to build over the next six months a brand new $12.4 million, 6,000-square-foot data center that will shake up the idea of efficiency in the industry.Greener Computing reports that:

IBM is building out its completely virtualized, dynamic data center infrastructure so that workloads and applications will move from server to server to maximize the energy efficiency of the facility. The sensors built into the facilty will make it possible to direct the workloads to the optimal servers, as well as enabling the cooling system to target only the servers that need it, minimizing wasted cooling power.

IBM has been a leading innovator in energy efficient data centers, even going so far as to heat surrounding communities with waste heat from facilities. This project would be a major plus on the company's resume if accomplished.

Also no slouches in improving data center efficiency are Google, with it's radical ideas for data center locations, and Microsoft, which has opened up its best practices to help other data center companies improve.

Still, we have yet to see some serious improvements in efficiency. If IBM and Syracuse University pull off this project, a new bar will be set.

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