IBM and Tulip Telecom Building Giant 900,000 Sq Ft Sustainable Data Center

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IBM is building Asia's largest data center and the world's third largest for India's Tulip Telecom for its cloud computing and networking services. The giant 900,000 square feet center will be made up of 20 modular data centers in a four-tower arrangement and will be capable of supporting 100 MW of power that can be scaled up to in 5-MW increments. Fortunately, this huge data center is being built to be small on energy and water use.

The data center is being built to international green building standards as well as within the specifications to allow it to be LEED Gold certified. The facility will use air-cooled, water-based chillers for cooling. The racks are designed with cold aisle containment so that the cooling process is sealed off within the racks and not exposed to the hot air in the room surrounding the servers, helping to cut down on energy loss. The building will also feature an extensive rainwater-harvesting system to cut down on water use.

The data center is expected to achieve a PUE of 1.5, which is not record-breaking by any means, but for a data center of this magnitude, is pretty good. PUE is the measurement of how much energy being used by the data center is being used by the IT equipment itself, not cooling, lighting or other energy needs. A PUE of 1.0 is a perfectly efficient data center -- the ideal, where 2.0 - 2.5 is the average for a typical data center. Some highly-efficient data centers are moving closer and closer to that 1.0 ideal.

Below is a detailed virtual tour of the planned facility, if you want to see all of the nuts and bolts.

IBM and Tulip Telecom Building Giant 900,000 Sq Ft Sustainable Data Center
IBM is building what will be Asia's largest data center for Tulip Telecom with an eye on energy efficiency.

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