i-swing: Toyota Updates Its Personal Mobility Concept

Toyota's i-unit (which we covered here) was kind of cool, but the i-swing unveiled at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show takes the Personal Mobility Concept one step further: It can operate in two-wheel mode like a segway in "walking" environments and in three-wheel mode when road speeds are needed. "In addition to the joystick control, the i-swing can be controlled by body weight movements with a feeling reportedly like turning as if on snow skis. The i-swing concept proposes using Artificial Intelligence to enable it to learn the habits and preferences of users." The design gives the i-swing a very "wearable" feeling and it is possible that someday such vehicles could be popular in car-free cities. Still, we'd rather ride our bike or walk, old-school style. ::Toyota's i-swing personal mobility concept, ::Toyota's latest electric car resembles a chair, ::Toyota i-Swing Rolls at Tokyo Motor Show