Hyrbid Wind and Solar Charger from Kinesis Finally Available

kinesis hybrid charger image
Images via Kinesis

Back in January we saw this cool charger from Kinesis at the Consumer Electronics Show. It's finally online and available for purchase. Click through for some details, and watch a video about how it works.

It seems like a handy item to take on camping trips, or to have at home for gadget charging. What we'd love to see is a harness so you can put this on your bike for charging on the go, like what you can do with the Hymini. We'd also like to see it be a bit more affordable. Priced at a somewhat prohibitive $99, the charger is available online for purchase.

While we requested a sample device to test out, we haven't been sent one so can't vouch for how well it charges or how hardy it is. If you get one, let us know how you like it!

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