Hydrogen + Methane = Hythane

You've probably already heard of the potential for hydrogen and methane to serve as alternative energy sources but have you heard of "hythane"? Billing itself as "Blue Sky.Clean Air," the Hythane Company, LLC, based in Littleton, Colorado, has engineered a fuel that blends 20% hydrogen with 80% natural gas (primarily methane): "hythane".

In the above video presentation, David Egan, Hythane's East Coast sales manager, lays out the company's vision for the implementation of its proprietary technology and explains how "hythane" is created and used.The company contends that vehicles operating on hythane produce significantly less emissions than those operating on diesel or natural gas, a property it hopes will make it appealing to millions of drivers worldwide, particularly drivers of commuter buses, school buses, refuse trucks, and delivery trucks for whom it is best suited, when it becomes widely available.

It plans on deploying its Hythane System, which integrates the technology into existing natural gas vehicles and fueling stations, in cities around the world. It already has several projects underway both domestically in the U.S., in states like Florida and New York, and internationally, in China and India.

::Hythane: The New Alternative Fuel

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