Hybrid-Powered Remote Control Lawnmower

Update: Looks like there's some ongoing litigation with this company, and the video above has been blocked, so go check out The Summit Lawn Mower Company to see what's going on with these remote control lawn mowers.

You know, I sure hate to mow the grass. It is messy, time consuming, and every time I go to unload the grass clipping, my beer hat falls off my head. There has got to be a better way, and in fact there is. Introducing Southern RobotX, which when compared to the typical ride-on lawnmower, becomes one lean, mean & green, grass cutting machine.

Here's how it works...The entire grass cutting unit is set on two "tank-like" rotating tread units (commercial models). This enables the lawnmower to tackle just about any type of terrain, including hills and declines as steep as 70 degrees. Instead of the typical handle and acceleration bar (or steering wheel and brake/clutch combo), the unit is operated via a nifty remote control, featuring an easy touch joystick to control where you want it to go.

Now before you get your panties or Captain Planet underoos in a bunch, this is no ordinary lazy, redneck-built, gas hog. It is actually a self-charging hybrid that uses approximately 40 percent less fuel than the standard ride-on lawnmower. It accomplishes this by using a high-torque D.C. electric motor to control the vehicles propulsion. The electric battery is then re-charged by the gas motor which is also used to spin the cutting blades.

Now it is true that a reel push lawnmower would be much better for the environment, but there are a few situations where the Southern Robot X would appear to be quite appropriate. A standard lawnmower can be a safety hazard and difficult challenge for certain individuals, such as the elderly, handicapped, and anyone else with a large portion of lawn loaded with uneven terrain. But this begs the question...

The Verdict
Is this just another form of greenwashed laziness, or a cool, eco-friendly alternative to keeping the jungles in our backyard tame? You be the judge!

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Hybrid-Powered Remote Control Lawnmower
You know, I sure hate to mow the

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