HVAC Failure Alerts Come Before You Know The System Is Down

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What happens when your furnace goes out in the middle of the winter? For most homeowners, it means calling their HVAC contractor, attempting to explain the problem, and waiting during the house call while that contractor tries to figure out what happened. Ecobee, makers of the first Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat, recently introduced a product designed to streamline this scenario: the newly redesigned Contractor Web Portal.

This product, unveiled recently at the Air-Conditioning Heating Cooling (AHR) Expo in Chicago, features an “Alerts” tool designed to notify contractors the moment an equipment failure has occurred—possibly even before you, the homeowner, are aware that anything has gone wrong. The portal also offers contractors access to comprehensive HVAC reports that offer insight into their customers' HVAC equipment performance (presumably offering clues about what went wrong, and even helping to prevent outages before they occur). As an added bonus, the “Equipment Details” view allows contractors to see the make and model of your HVAC equipment before they show up at your house, helping to ensure they have the right parts and tools for the job, saving both time (the contractor's) and money (yours).

Of course, all of this was designed with the contractor in mind, as was the “Service Reminder” tool that allows contractors to automatically send branded service reminders to their customers according to the contractors' preferred service schedule, helping you to remember that it's time to get your ducts cleaned, and helping contractors to balance their work load over the course of the year.

Contractors can make their customers aware of specials and promotions by adding the ecobee log-in portal to their company’s webpage, and the portal's new “Map View” tool—which can be searched by alert type, service reminder and client—allows contractors to efficiently map out their scheduled routes in advance, saving time and resources.

More about ecobee's revamped Contractor Web Portal is available online.

HVAC Failure Alerts Come Before You Know The System Is Down
A new product from Ecobee sends alerts to contractors to fix your HVAC system, sometimes sending them out before the homeowner even knows something went wrong.

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