Human-Caused Climate Change Based on Consensus of Evidence, Not Just Consensus of Scientists

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photo: Marcin Wichary/Creative Commons

Given climate change's complexity, anything that breaks it down into more intellectually digestible bits without dumbing it down is a good thing. The latest in that category comes from Skeptical Science (via Climate Progress): The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism. As CP says, "The clever deniers these days don't deny the painfully obvious reality that the planet is warming or that climate is changing--they simply deny that humans area major cause." The key figures from the paper show why the deniers' claims don't add up. Here are a couple of the figures:

climate change human fingerprint image

climate change human fingerprint image

climate change human fingerprint image

images: John Cook/Skeptical Science

The gist of all this Skeptical Science says is that "the evidence for human caused global warming is not just based on theory or computer models but on many independent, direct observations made in the real world ... There's not just a consensus of scientists - there's a consensus of evidence."

Read the Climate Progress take for more of them, or the original piece at Skeptical Science: The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism [PDF].

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