HP Tops Its Own Woeful Packaging Record

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What beats this??

Remember when we posted last year about HP's ridiculous packaging issue? The company shipped a few pieces of paper in a lot of boxes. Wasteful, right? Well, it just completely outdid itself. You'll never guess what record for excessive packaging it managed to set...The Register reports that HP has shipped a jaw dropping amount of plastic for some tiny computer pieces. Rather than preinstalling the pieces in the computer equipment also sent with the shipment, which HP had done for this particular company in the past, they decided to send each piece separately. In total, 768 plastic packages were in one pallet box, each containing a single, tiny GBIC.

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Images via The Register

Mark Bridgett, who unpacked the box, concluded, "I just can't come up with any uses for 768 plastic packages and 768 ripped open jiffy bags. Answers on a postcard please."

Poor HP, they just can't seem to catch a break, what with Greenpeace marking out "Hazardous Products" on their roof just yesterday. Maybe the graffiti should have read "Hazardous Products *and* Packaging Methods."

The Register also shows a few unfortunate excessive packaging examples in order to steady your nerves for the big reveal - all very worth a click and a sigh. Sneak peek:

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Photo provided by Paul Carpenter

Oh yes.... Seriously, you don't want to miss some of these packaging missteps.

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