HP Steps Up IT Industry Transparency, Releases Supply Chain Emissions Data

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While greenwashing abounds, transparency in all forms is quickly becoming a requirement if a company wants to prove their green mettle. So is being the first to do something green. HP makes this apparent with their first-in-the-industry move to open up their emissions data related to their largest suppliers. HP Reaches Global Citizenship Report Goal
The data represents the footprint associated with over 80% of the company's cost for materials, manufacturing and assembly of its products. And with this move, they've met a very specific goal set back in 2007.

Last year, HP set up the HP 2007 Global Citizenship Report (GCR) in which they said they wanted to make their supply chain transparent in order to boost responsibility taken by not only themselves but the companies with whom they work, and the IT industry in general. Now they've released that emissions data, acting on that goal.

HP's Emissions Data By The Numbers
The CO2 emissions emanating form over 80% of HP's first-tier supply chain was 3.5 million metric tons.

HP plans on looking at this and more detailed numbers to improve efficiency of their chain, which is the world's largest supply chain in the technology industry. Off the bat, it is requiring its top suppliers to comply with the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) as well as its own eco-responsibility requirements.

"HP's continued leadership in supply chain transparency will result in positive operational changes in environmental practices and will encourage other companies to do more to advance supply chain responsibility," said Tony Prophet, senior vice president, Worldwide Supply Chain Operations, Personal Systems Group, HP.

Good News for IT Industry
Seeing HP own up to the footprint it makes is excellent news for the tech industry because it will drive other companies to be equally transparent. We all know the serious impact our passion for gadgets and virtual connection has on our globe — and we know what major eco-snafus big companies like HP can make. But knowing IT is getting cleaner as it evolves is heartening.

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