How to Use the iPad 2's Smartcover on the iPad 1

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Cool DIY Hack to Retrofit the iPad 2's Smartcover
When Apple unveiled the iPad version 2 at the beginning of March, many people remarked that one of the best new features was the new magnetic 'Smartcover' that protects the iPad's glass, turns it on and off quickly, and serves as a stand to hold the iPad at a better angle to type and watch movies. While it isn't very green to upgrade a gadget like the iPad just a year after it was launched, those who are lusting after the Smartcover shouldn't despair! There's a way to retrofit it so that it works with the iPad 1. Check out Dan Provost's video of the DIY hack below.
There Are Downsides to Use the Smartcover on the iPad 1
The main downsides of going that route are that, well, you have to glue magnets to your iPad. That's not for everybody... But for some the aesthetic hit will be compensated by the Smartcover's usability, and by not having to spend $500+ to be able to use it.

The second downside is that if you use the Smartcover with the iPad 1, it won't turn it on and off like with the iPad 2 (it simply doesn't have the same internal magnets that detect when it's over the glass surface).

But still, it's a cool hack!

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