How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by One Ton a Year

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We all know that we have to reduce our carbon footprint. We know that we have to do it soon to save the earth. Every day we are being bombarded with suggestions in magazines, papers, t.v. about how to reduce our carbon usage. But who to believe and which ones are the really important ones to do?

A new report by the think tank Carbon Focus has narrowed it down to 4 steps. They claim that if we can change our behaviour in one of 4 different ways in the areas of travel, home, and food, we can save one ton of carbon dioxide every year. How to do it? More after the fold.


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The authors argue that most of the actions that we do to save carbon are trivial and don't achieve a whole lot. They set out to identify the ones that would really make a difference. Many responsible and respectable organisations have energy savings tips.

The authors claim that if every household carries out one of the following items, then they will save a ton of carbon a year.

How to Save One ton of Carbon a Year

1. Travel: Carbon Saving Tips

· Fly one less long haul trip (Intercontinental)
· Fly three less short haul (Europe) trips
· Get a better car: a 40mpg car instead of a 30mpg one; or a 60mpg car
instead of a 40mpg one
· Drive 3000 less miles per year

2. Food: Carbon Saving Tips

· Have 75% of your food be UK-grown AND Seasonal
· Reduce Meat and Dairy consumption by 75%

3. Home: Carbon Saving Tips

· Give your house a Thermal Makeover. That includes using thermostats and timers effectively, installing solar hot water panels, insulating your roof to 30cm (0.3t), replacing old boilers, swapping appliances for A rated ones, washing clothes on cold .
· Switch your thermostat 3 degrees lower
· Share your house with an additional person like a friend, relative or

4. Stuff

· Shift £2000 of spending from high carbon goods (electronics, building materials, short life products) to low carbon goods and services,(durable products, second hand goods, live entertainment, education). Spend on experiences rather than physical goods. : Carbon Focus

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