How to DIY a Hand-Cranked Cellphone Charger (Video)

hand crank charger image

Image via YouTube video

Hand-crank chargers are kind of a pain in the neck -- or elbow -- but they can be handy for charging gadgets when you're off-grid. There are a handful on the market, but why not just hack your own? If you have a hand-crank emergency flashlight, you're good to go. Ben Heck offers a cool way to modify it into a cell phone charger as a quick afternoon project.

This is somewhat similar to a hack we saw last year that used a hand-crank flashlight and a laptop battery.

If you like the idea but are just not down with using a soldering iron, there's a couple other options we like.

YoGen is probably the most popular and practical hand-powered charger around, with a pull cord that gets more energy out of your muscle power. But there's also the new Power Pump from Orange that uses your feet rather than your hands for power generation.

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