How Japan's Crisis Could Affect Cleantech

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The number one concern we all have is about the safety of the people of Japan and ensuring everyone gets the food, water and shelter they need as they recuperate from this devastating quake, and deal with the extremely dangerous situation at the nuclear reactors. However, with Japan as a world leader in the tech industry, it's easy for us to drift into wondering just how far reaching the impact will be. Earth2Tech has a great post on how Japan's quake could affect the cleantech sector: "In these early days, two initial assessments have emerged. The supply of materials and parts for solar and EVs could face serious interruptions in the short term. At the same time, the focus on Japan's partially melting nuclear reactors could also bolster solar and other renewable energy development as policymakers and investors reconsider their support of nuclear power."

Read on to get details about what the cleantech markets might have in store.

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