How Green was CES This Year?


This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has been big news this week; if you've been reading the non-stop coverage from Gizmodo or Engadget, or checking out the wrap-ups by Wired or DVICE, you know that there's been some pretty big-time announcements, debuts and demos. From 150-inch HDTVs to the triumph of Blu-Ray, the hits have been coming fast and furious; among all the noise, "green tech" and the environment was one of the big themes running through the conference this year. But how do you reconcile 150 inches -- that's 12.5 feet! -- of energy-sucking television with the notion of going green?

That's what NPR was wondering; after all, 15 - 20% of a typical home's energy use these days comes from electronic gadgets, and a 50-inch plasma TV uses as much as refrigerator, though manufacturers of these beasts still tout them as "green." They got a lot of marketing double-speak about "more energy-efficient" huge televisions, along with more genuinely green gadgets -- Voltaic's new solar-powered, laptop-charging bag, for example -- and efforts to green the conference as a whole: electronic press packets (instead of paper), biodegradable utensils and so forth. The verdict, then? Greener than before, for sure, but it's not quite time to anoint CES as a "green" event just yet. What do you think? via ::NPR
Update: Stay tuned for more final thoughts from CES; TreeHugger John had an opportunity to chat with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA - the guys who put on CES) and will publish the interview and more final thoughts tomorrow.

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