How the giant squid was finally caught on camera

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Back in January we reported on the first ever on-camera glimpse of a living giant squid in the wild. The feat was a news sensation, and no wonder as the giant squid has been one of the deep sea creatures at the center of our fascination with the ocean's mysteries. A thing of myth and legend, we finally are putting a little more reality into what we know of this amazing species -- and it is due in no small part to Edith Widder, oceanographer and inventor. She has put the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence to work for science, including mimicking it to attract species to cameras. In this excellent TED talk, she explains how she and a team of scientists got the giant squid to come in for its close-up.

How the giant squid was finally caught on camera
Edith Widder, the scientific mind behind the strategy for finding and filming a giant squid for the first time ever, tells us just how it was accomplished in this fascinating TED talk.

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