Home Lighting Concept Powered by Plumbing

The concept for a new method of powering the lighting in buildings makes use of the inbuilt (and usually forgotten) streams which run through our walls: the water flowing through our plumbing.

"We understand our buildings as living entities with energy fields that run through his veins, as water pipes, drainage and electricity running through walls and ceilings. This project takes advantage of these energy fields, which are usually forgotten, and uses them to produce new energy, which in some way to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants."

The designers, Hierve, say this concept uses the same technique as a conventional hydroelectric generator, but on a much smaller scale. A box containing a micro-turbine is installed in the pre-existing plumbing after it enters the house and before any other outflows. Each time someone turns on the water to shower, wash dishes, or flush the toilet, the flow of water through the plumbing is used to turn the turbine, which then converts the motion into electrical current. The resulting current is stored in a battery in the wall, which powers the light bulb, according to DesignBuzz.

Home Lighting Concept Powered by Plumbing
Hydroelectric power is an easy choice to make if you have access to a stream or river, but this concept takes advantage of the streams running through our walls: our plumbing.

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