Hollywood's IT Sector Lagging Way Behind The Times

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We talk a lot about businesses greening up their IT departments, but we are usually picturing big white-collar corporations - we don't often imagine Hollywood businesses as part of that. Yet, the entertainment industry has a huge carbon footprint, and that includes IT. A new report shows some startling statistics on just how badly Hollywood is behaving when it comes to greening digital technology.BPM Forum, Rackable Systems and Intel partnered for a report that shows while Hollywood is getting pressure from all angles to green up, there's little to nothing being done in the IT sector.

According to a UCLA study, California's film industry is the state's second largest polluter, with only the oil industry having a greater negative impact on the environment. However, according to the BPM Forum study, more than 53 percent of companies don't have or don't know if they have a corporate sustainability agenda in place. And lack of awareness of business benefits was identified as the top challenge to environmental sustainability.

As Hollywood goes digital more and more - from movie making to distribution of TV shows - the impact of their IT infrastructure becomes larger and larger. For example, the report states that required storage capacity will increase ten fold, and storage capacity shipments will increase eight fold by 2012. It's important for the industry to start getting serious about greening up, yet little awareness exists.

One issue brought up in the report is a lack of role models, both from within and outside the industry. Al Gore, Steve Jobs, and President Obama were mentioned by respondents, and the top companies mentioned as being progressively green were NBC, Apple, Sony, and Warner Brothers - all of this is because of media exposure, and not necessarily true progress by the companies (though we are of course happy about the progress that is indeed being made by these notables).

Some of the frightening key findings:

While 99% of respondents say it's important for the digital media & entertainment industry to
reduce its carbon footprint, 77% allocate only 10 percent or less of their budget towards green IT

53% don't have or don't know if they have a corporate sustainability agenda

Top three environmental activities that executives are undertaking are conducting
discussions, publishing guidelines, and doing nothing!

Fear of interruptions in productivity (60 percent), costs of efficiencies (58 percent)
and lack of awareness of benefits (50 percent) were biggest sustainability obstacles

It's no wonder that the industry gives itself failing grade, with 76% marking a C, D, or F.

Download the full report at Rackable
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