Hit or Miss? Growing Plants Gets Techy With The Click & Grow System

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Exactly how much technology do we need to utilize in order to keep a plant alive? Apparently for some people, a lot. The Click & Grow offers a computerized system utilizing sensors for correct watering and fertilizing to make growing houseplants brainless, ...but also a bit un-TreeHugger. The Click & Grow system uses aeroponics, and according to Gizmag, all one needs to do is pick out a seed "cartridge" that contains the type of plant you want to grow and some fertilizer, stick it in the growing container, connect the container via USB to a computer so you can upload the growth program that suits that plant type, and the container takes care of the rest, acting as gardener so you don't have to.

The container lets you know when to refill the water tank, or apparently some of the heftier models of the product will act as a dehumidifier and collect water from the air to keep the tank full.

Is it worth it if it's the only way for some people to keep a plant alive? As Gizmag notes, "As someone who has been responsible for the death of every single pot plant that has been placed in my charge, I was interested to discover a new computerized system that is designed to take the guesswork out of growing houseplants." Perhaps for some it might seem appealing - like for those who think Botanicall is a must-use to keep a plant alive. But there are solutions that hold far less energy, like cutting the bottom off a water bottle and sticking it in the soil, then filling it with water for sustained irrigation. Or...grow a cactus.

The Click & Grow isn't on the market quite yet, but will launch in a few months with pricing starting at 17 euro, with seed cartridges selling for between 2.5 and 4 euro at nurseries or on the Internet. You can sign up to test the product before it hits the market at the Click & Grow website. But we're thinking that if you're really wanting to enjoy a plant without sucking the nature right out of it, you might want to just grab a pot, some soil, and a really hearty variety of houseplant. Here are some suggestions for the best air filtering plants, and most of them are pretty difficult to kill via neglect.

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