Hip New Solar Powered Watch Goes 12 Months on a Charge

freestyle boiler watch photo

Photo via Freestyle

If you have a hankering for surfer-style gear, Freestyle has a new accessory for you. The Boiler is their first solar-powered watch, putting fashion and green function in your hand...er, on your wrist. The Boiler is Freestyle’s first watch with a battery charged up from sunshine. It comes with a power indicator and power saving function - nice, but here's the best part. According to the company, it receives 12 months of power on a single charge. That's believable because watches need very little energy to keep ticking. But of course every time you hang out in the sun while wearing it, you'll top off the battery to ensure it keeps on going.

Aside from having a really ugly wrist band, the face is pretty cool with an interesting, edgy look. The Boiler has a chronograph, alarm, timer, dual time and NightVision™ backlight display. It retails for $115.00, which is pretty reasonable considering prices for stylish watches.

At the rate the fashion industry is slapping solar panels on accessories, we're likely to become walking chargers one of these days.

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